A little apprehensive

So, I’m leaving in just two days.  I still don’t believe it and I’m still not packed.  These are going to be some interesting days, definitely.  The most nerve-wracking part of leaving is that I’m scared of the flight.  I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I’m scared of problems cropping up (or going down, as the case may be) and frightened about the turbulence along the way.  That’s probably because of my recent flights to Germany this summer, but could also be because the flight is almost 16 hours long.  Hopefully, I’ll arrive on the ground in Johannesburg safely and sanely :).

Prayer Requests: Please pray that the flight will go smoothly and safely, without much turbulence.  Also pray that I will remain calm and sane in the midst of take-off, landing, and any turbulence we run into along the way.  Also pray that I will be ready to leave when Tuesday morning comes.


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