By the way, we’re going 100 mph…

January 30, 2009

What a week it has been.  Lots of highs and a couple of lows.  I spent all Monday running errands, Monday night and Tuesday packing the room like crazy and then Tuesday night got on the flight over here.  It was definitely a whirlwind experience, and mainly a blur.  Had one of the most amazing flights I’ve ever had, smooth and not really nervous.  Thanks for everyone praying for me there, it was definitely a blessing to not be nervous on that flight.  (I was actually more worried about the icy trip to the airport than the flight itself).

After I got to Frankfurt, Jimmy picked me up and drove me home.  It was quite the adventure on the autobahn. We were definitely coming in at 160kph, which is 100mph.  But, when we arrived, we had some lunch and I had time to unpack and settle in.  It’s been a lazy week in the work respect.  The person in charge of getting everything straight for me is on vacation until Monday, so it’s been pretty laid back for me so far.  I also don’t really know details about finances yet, but I’m sure everything will be straightened out on Monday :).  The most interesting part I’ve learned is that I will be driving one of their cars here (apparently you can do that on your state-side license), which scares me quite a bit.

The fun part of the week is to have a friend visit this weekend and have a companion to go tour Frankfurt with.  It’s been really exciting and I will post pictures of Frankfurt by the end of the weekend.  The worrying part of the weekend is that I’ve had a renewed fear as to what I will be doing when I return in June.  I just received the “I regret to inform you…” letter from the Fulbright, which marks off the work for that I did this fall.  So, I can only hope that I get clear direction over the next few months as to where God wants me to be.  I know there’s a plan out there somewhere, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t involve sitting behind a computer all the time, but it’s really starting to make me worry as I try to discover what that plan is (and have plans that I want for myself pulled out from under me).  Fun times…


Packing on two fronts

January 23, 2009

It’s hard to pack for a trip for 4 months.  Even moreso for one that spans three seasons, winter, spring, and summer.  Man, did I pick a bad time to go to Germany :).  I’ve already filled up my suitcase.  It’s amazing how much space sweaters, sweatshirts, and long pants can take up.  All my summer clothes (like those I took last time to Germany for two weeks and fit in a carry-on sized suitcase) fit in the bottom 1/6 of the suitcase, but the other 5/6 are already full of winter-esque clothes.  I’m going to have to downsize or take two separate suitcases, which is my plan.  I just don’t know how I’m supposed to dress for the day when I’m working with the IBC.  Hopefully I’ll figure it out when I get there :).

I say it’s hard to pack on two fronts because while I’m packing for Germany, I’m also packing up to leave BTSR student housing.  Everything must go.  So, it’s either going into a suitcase or a box.  It’s kind of sad, especially because I’ll be in an empty room Monday night, but maybe this time I’ll actually get on with decision making.  I’ve been in a slump over the past few years, living in a period of “I don’t know what to do next, so I’ll just stay here and keep trying to decide.”  That kind of thinking will never get you anywhere.  If you make a hard decision and stick to it, it’ll either prove the right one or you’ll quickly find out it’s not right for you.  I’m hoping I find my purpose or at least a firm direction to head while I’m in Germany.

Another Try

January 15, 2009

So, I’m sure anyone who’s read this knows that I didn’t actually go to South Africa as I had originally planned.  Well, I’m not sure that I had planned that too far in advance.  Well, I’m about to embark on another trip.  I’m going through the VBMB again, but this time to work with the International Baptist Convention in Frankfurt.  The tickets were ordered yesterday, which means I’m definitely leaving Jan 27 and returning June 2.  It’s quite exciting, but it means a lot of work over the next two weeks.

This time, I’m going to move out of the dorm here at BTSR.  Remarkably, I’m at the same point I was 2 weeks before planning to leave for South Africa, but this time I’m not as worried or as pressured.  It’s going to be quite the week next week as I have to pack up and move out all my stuff here while at the same time trying to sell a computer, finish a website, and pack for my trip.