Packing on two fronts

It’s hard to pack for a trip for 4 months.  Even moreso for one that spans three seasons, winter, spring, and summer.  Man, did I pick a bad time to go to Germany :).  I’ve already filled up my suitcase.  It’s amazing how much space sweaters, sweatshirts, and long pants can take up.  All my summer clothes (like those I took last time to Germany for two weeks and fit in a carry-on sized suitcase) fit in the bottom 1/6 of the suitcase, but the other 5/6 are already full of winter-esque clothes.  I’m going to have to downsize or take two separate suitcases, which is my plan.  I just don’t know how I’m supposed to dress for the day when I’m working with the IBC.  Hopefully I’ll figure it out when I get there :).

I say it’s hard to pack on two fronts because while I’m packing for Germany, I’m also packing up to leave BTSR student housing.  Everything must go.  So, it’s either going into a suitcase or a box.  It’s kind of sad, especially because I’ll be in an empty room Monday night, but maybe this time I’ll actually get on with decision making.  I’ve been in a slump over the past few years, living in a period of “I don’t know what to do next, so I’ll just stay here and keep trying to decide.”  That kind of thinking will never get you anywhere.  If you make a hard decision and stick to it, it’ll either prove the right one or you’ll quickly find out it’s not right for you.  I’m hoping I find my purpose or at least a firm direction to head while I’m in Germany.


One Response to Packing on two fronts

  1. Rebecca says:

    This time, you’d better actually go, or I am going to kick your butt SO hard!

    All in Christian love, of course 😉

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