I’m going to be a little busy

So, today was a pretty interesting day.  I finally got the details of how living expenses will work for the next few months, and after originally worrying about costs of local transportation for non-work trips, they have amazingly offered to help out with them.  That should make it easier to get around on days when I need to get out of the house (aka the office) :).

However, once I found out about this, I realized how much I will be travelling over the next few months and that I probably won’t need much local travel.  Why’s that, you ask?  Well, at the end of February, I should be going to England!  Then, beginning of March-ish would be Venice, Italy area, followed by a conference in the middle of the month in Portugal.  After those, there will be other trips to Rome, Bucharest, and Kiev.  Plus, I’ve been allowed a few days in each place, as I want, to do some personal travel too, which some will hopefully line up with one friend’s travel or allow me to catch up with some friends around Europe.

Wow 🙂


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