World Traveler

So, yesterday was quite the experience.  Well, in planning, that is.  After talking to some pastors via email and sitting with Lorraine for a bit of the day, we’ve started to get some plans for where and when I’ll be in different places.  There are churches in England (Yeah, Spivey, I’m going to England AND I get to watch British television whenever I want from Germany), Italy, Romania, Ukraine, and some other places, I believe, that want some technical help.  So, I already know that at the end of February for a week or so I will be outside of London, England.  After travelling there, I will be in Aviano, Italy (near Venice) for about a week or so.  Then, I will be in Portugal for a conference from March 12-18.  Sometime in April I will most likely be in Rome, Italy, with some other places thrown in as well.  The most amazing part is that Lorraine is allowing me (instead of doing a lot of my own traveling at the end, I guess) to stay a few extra days in each place to tour around on my own.  I have to pay expenses for those days, of course, and I’m happy to :), but the to/from expenses will be covered as the trip to the church would normally be.  I’m so excited!  Plus, I will get to experience the wonders of Ryan Air (cough-Spivey-cough) many times throughout the trip.  Who knew you could get airfare for free from one place to the other (with only the cost of taxes/fees included)?

So, I’m not going to have that many weekends free here in Germany, it looks, but I have to weigh the merits of getting a Bahn card (50% off trains in Germany, but it costs over 100 euro) because I would like to travel and see some places in Germany before I leave.  Lorraine has told me of a few good places to visit, Mia some others.  I would like to try to make it to Amsterdam, too, maybe for a random weekend.  It will be quite the adventure to see how things work out.  At least I get more travel money from my taxes (YAY REFUND!) and have found a way to avoid bank penalties in withdrawing money in Germany (YAY CREDIT UNIONS!).

That’s a lot about travel, what about work?  I’ve spent the last week just “goofing off” in sorts.  I’ve sketched out a new look for the IBC’s website (currently, redesigned some logos that really needed it, and have been in communication with churches.  It feels like I’m not being productive at all, but I know that as soon as the man gets back next week with the web hosting connections to get the new IBC website space running and brings back the computer that I need to evaluate (I’m making 3 different computers out of 3 old computers, each for a different purpose, but only have 2 of the 3 now) that things will pick up and I will be much busier.

For the first time last night, minus hanging out with Mia for the first weekend, I got to meet and interact with some local young adults (22-25 years) at a Bible study last night, and it was good to hear from them about Frankfurt and life in general, and to just be around people my age.  Hopefully I will be able to do some more things with them and see more of the city from the insider’s perspective :).

In other news, I posted a week or so ago that I did not get the Fulbright for next year.  Well, I got an email from UVA (the only school I applied for this year) saying that I had been accepted for a PhD program in Computer Science.  Now I have to figure out what to do next.  My options so far are PhD in CS at UVA or Swansea (wales), MA in Mathematics (American Univ, Washington), continue the MDiv at BTSR, or find a job somewhere.  I guess knowing about Financial Aid and/or funding would help significantly in that decision making process, plus a time to just discern what I really want to do in my life.  Maria (I think her name was) said, jokingly, that 25 was old because your 30s are supposed to be your best years since you’ve figured out what you want to do (in your twenties), you have a job, car, family, and are just living life.  Well, I’m 26, and I still don’t know what I want to do.  Oh well :).


2 Responses to World Traveler

  1. Rebecca says:

    Ok, I just said it in another comment, but: ENGLAND!! Outside London for a week, eh? LUCKY YOU! Sounds like traveling should work out well, it’s nice you get to do it that way instead of crammed in at the end. I was talking to Kelly this morning and she mentioned something about you maybe not getting to stay as long as you’d originally thought? Is that still true?

    Surely I’ve told you about the joys of RyanAir before? And how in the world are you avoiding your atm penalties? What kind of magic credit union are you using? My credit union made it worse, not better.

    I went up to Charlottesville the other night with Jonathan & Kristin and we had dinner with Ryan. It was random, but Charlottesville was cute. I’d visit you there, or Swansea of course! Not BTSR though 😛

  2. Chris says:

    Hey man, congrats on getting accepted to UVA! You would be kind of a big deal if you went there (there is no bias in that statement whatsoever). Seriously though, that’s great that you have a few options to choose from for when you get back! I will pray that God reveals the best option for you.

    If Rebecca’s experiences on Ryan Air were anything like mine, you might want to check out EasyJet, too. They seem to have their act together a bit more than Ryan Air and, from what I remember, they’re pretty cheap.

    Have fun with all your travels, and don’t believe the hype about needing to figure out “what you want to do.” You’re in your mid-twenties, doing missions work, and traveling all over Europe. We should all be so lucky. Take care, man!

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