An Amazing Weekend

Hopefully this post will take this time.  I wrote over half of it just a minute ago, just to have most of it disappear, then to have firefox act crazy and quit.  So, I’m on Opera this time, which is a fine browser, might I add.  I’m also going to try to get some pictures in here!

This weekend was absolutely amazing!  I got to meet some new people and hang out  for quite a while with some new friends.  On Friday night, I went with some of the young adults from ICF to a pub to hear Alyssa’s concert.   It was quite a nice concert, especially for mostly Christian music in a pub.  She also had an amazing bassist and drummer with her.   The best part was getting to meet some new people from the church and really getting to talk with them.

Höchst Castle

Bridge to the Park


Bockenheimer Warte
Saturday was the first day all week that I could sleep in (YAY).  After getting out, I made it to Höchst, Bockenheim, and to the Zeil.  I had to scour the internet trying to find something cool that I haven’t seen yet, and landed on Höchst.  It’s a nice little town on the Main river which has a “castle” and some really nice statues.  Then, after walking around the area for a while, I decided to move on.  However, the trek took me to a park on the Main which had some very beautiful scenery.  So, instead of walking back to the Höchst train station, I saw a biking sign for Niel (I think) which said that it was .8km across the bridge and through the park.  Of course, after walking about a km, there was another sign for Niel that said 1km.  So, I gave up and exited the park and found a tram stop.  The tram was slower and didn’t get me to Bockenheim (the University area) until nearly 5:30.  I tried to enter the Japanese garden, but that proved useless.  I don’t know what the signs said, but it looked closed.  Everything closes at 6, so I managed to peruse a Woolworth store before hopping the train to the Zeil and then back home.  Michael had a farewell party for his old place that night, so I went and crashed for a little while.  Once I found it, it was quite fun, and even got to play some Rockband (German style :)).  Apparently I’m not as good on German Rockband as I am on the US version.

Today, Sunday, was the best day, though.  I went to ICF for church, which is much better now that I see familiar faces :).  After church, I met some new people and a bunch of us went to lunch at a Mongolian Restaurant.  Oh the memories of Williamsburg, although it was much more expensive here (€16).  Then, while taking Melodi and Olesya back to the u-bahn, we decided to drive back and hang out for a little while.  We walked up to the top of one of the larger hills in the area where they live (they’re both au pairs) and then up a metal tower that has an amazing view of Frankfurt (in the distance) and the local towns.  I need to ask Melodi the name again, but I think it’s Hofheim.  The view was absolutely amazing, although it was a long way down.
View from the Top


View from the Top

By the way, both Olesya and Melodi dance, so one evening, I think we’re going to try to get people together to go ballroom dancing in Frankfurt.  I’m so exited!  (Like I said, it was a great day).

Now, it’s time to put the computer away in anticipation of work tomorrow.  Should be a decent (short) week, since I’m leaving on Thursday for England!  (Plus, I’m going to get a haircut there.  Any suggestions on style?  I’m not doing a buzz cut, though).


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